Podio is a project management and collaboration tool built for business but with uses within education.

It is a tool I use almost all the time and one I highly recommend. The high level of complexity may take a little time to get used to but it is well worth the effort.

Podio in Education


  • Podio is a tool for collaborating on projects.
  • Multiple-users are supported through shared ‘workspaces’
  • It works around a flexible web-database model that allows you to create your own ‘apps’ with just a few clicks.
  • Data can be reported on or imported exported to other programmes and applications
  • Links to other collaborative tools such as Google Drive and Evernote.

What skills will I need?

  • Basic skills with using a web-browser
  • Some basic understanding of the functioning of databases might be useful but not essential.
  • The ability to copy and paste links and to upload files
  • The ability to manage calendars on google drive.

What resources will I need?

  • An email account to register – Google drive is best because you can link it to Podio and upload/download via drive.
  • A working internet connection
  • A little bit of patience to work through the features so that you can use it to its full potential.

Advantages of using it for collaboration in teaching

  • Flexible with the ability to track lots of detail
  • Integrated chat between users
  • Tasks can be allocated to users/students
  • Comments can be made to just about anything

Dis-advantages of using it for collaboration in teaching

  • Can be quite complex if you get into it
  • Development time for more complex projects can be quite high
  • To use the full feature set you need a reasonable understanding of a) databases and b) what you are trying to achieve.
  • You can’t do anything if you don’t have an internet connection.

How do we use Podio at our College?

  • Mainly used by staff for collaborating on projects and in some cases to track assessments which others can comment on
  • Used for tracking document version control.
  • Used by students to create a simple sharing workspace where they can create their own ‘app’ folders which they can add content to for a project that others can comment on.


  • Personally I have tried a lot of collaborative and project management tools and none have been quite as useful as Podio
  • It has the ability to be as simple or as complex as you let it which means it can just as easily be used to run complex projects, such as software collaborations in an I.T lesson or simply to share content in a workspace with other students.
  • I personally would be lost without it. It is my goto app if I need to manage a new project or create a managed shared space in a hurry.

Thanks for taking the time to read/view. I hope you found it useful


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